Ist Anniversary

1st anniversary

Every year wedding anniversaries are symbolised by a theme. First anniversaries are paper and it made me wonder what cute way I could incorporate paper into our special day. How booooring you say? Well, I thought the same thing however, I then had a flashback to my childhood. Do you remember making little origami fortune tellers in the playground? You pick a colour then a number and lift the flap to reveal your fortune? Well, I decided to do this but with a little cheeky twist 😉

Let me start by refreshing your childhood memory with how to make it…

Step one: Cut a square piece of paper, preferably a different colour on both sides.

Step two: Fold in each corner and then flip the paper over and repeat on the other side.

Image 2 Image 3

Step three: Fold the small square in half both ways and firmly crease all the edges.

Image 4

Step four: Unfold and pull the four corners out and slip your fingers into the little pockets. This is how the fortune teller is controlled.

Image 1

I coloured the inside flaps four different colours but instead of a fortune I wrote a cute message under each flap.  You can write whatever you want and make it cute, cheeky or sexy.

What do you think of my paper anniversary idea? Cute?

Love Sechy



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