A Travel Ritual

Flying can be a nightmare; delays, jetlag and the worst of all having important things such as your alcohol confiscated at customs. Oh the horror!!! Lags (liquids aerosols,gels) requirements suck. Soooo annoying. If I lose another perfume or hairspray I’m gonna go mad! And don’t get me started on cuticle clippers?? What do they think I’m going to do with my damn cuticle clippers … anyway, enough ranting …

I want to show you what I use to ease these dramas and also make me feel a little more relaxed when I arrive at the other end.

I was in David Jones yesterday and stopped by the MOR stand to look at their pretty packaging and ended up walking out with the most georgeous roll on perfume and mini candle ever.

I love roller perfume for travelling. First of all I refuse to wear my Versace parfum to work because I don’t want to relate it back to an airplane like, when I’m at home with my husband I don’t want to be thinking about work right? So I buy these cute perfumes. They are tiny and fit in your LAGS bag easy (or even in your pocket, they’ll never know) and last ages.

The MOR fragrances are really beautiful and potent. Just a touch to the wrist and neck and I’m perfumed up (and not smelling like airplane when I get to the hotel or home).
I carry a little travel candle around with me too and burn it in my hotel room. It helps scent the room and get rid of any hotel odors and is a great way to relax an unwind after a long trip.

Its important to feel settled in order to sleep off the jetlag and I highly recommend carrying a little travel candle. This MOR candle is non toxic soy wax and the scent is devine. It really lingers…

The packaging on these MOR products is to die for. Do you have any good ideas for easing flying stress?


Tell me your thoughts ...

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