Boxing Day

by Sechy…

I have the best husband I swear! He’s in the kitchen grinding fresh coffee beans about to make me an espresso while I’m putting my makeup on. Its boxing day today which means one thing…SALES!!

So, on Christmas Eve I rushed out to grab a couple of last minute things from the shops and I noticed EVERYTHING was on sale EVERYWHERE already. Therefore I have to wonder of the legitimacy of the boxing day sales really. For me it means a guilt free shopping day as I head out with the gift vouchers I received for Christmas… yay!


I am dressing for comfort and keeping it simple. I plan on trying lots of clothes on today and don’t need any zippers and buckles to contend with. A dress and thongs (flip flops) will do and an oversized bag to carry my goodies 🙂


I have my list so I know I won’t be coming home with a load of rubbish bought on impulse either.

Will you be attending the sales where you are? What will you be buying



Tell me your thoughts ...

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