Don Campos

In Sydney today for work and starting the day with a coffee from ‘Don Campos’ in Alexandria.

Campos is locally roasted in Newtown, Sydney. It is one of my favorite coffees. Although, it needs a great barista. It’s the coffee at Commune which is my local up on the Gold Coast. Its full flavoured tasty espresso is so good, I always order another… and another..

The head office/roasters is in Newtown and totally worth a visit. They have a tasting room upstairs too! Newtown is a cool suburb to explore if you are like me and love food, art and vintage shopping.

Don Campos is the little brother. It’s close to the office (lucky me) but it’s also kind off in the middle of nowhere. If you do venture out this way, there are plenty of outlets and warehouses nearby. In fact, I may just have to quickly pop into the Seafolly factory outlet next door. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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