A Day Out in LA Part 2: Shopping at The Lab

Ok, I have had my coffee fix, my jetlag has subsided and I am ready to shop!
Continued from here….20130126-065830.jpg…Pass through this beautiful walkway past the delicious ‘Habana’ restaurant straight to my favorite thrift and vintage store, ‘The Buffalo Exchange‘..20130126-065858.jpg20130126-065947.jpg20130126-070050.jpg20130126-070143.jpg… I tried on tonnes of clothes and came out with a bag full too! The girls told me that a heap of new stuff had just arrived that day… Winning! 🙂20130126-070246.jpg

… Then I headed over to another one of my favorite stores ‘Urban Outfitters‘ (FYI- you can buy online with free shipping to Australia peeps). This store has everything I need… 20130126-070403.jpg


… they stock the best range of art and fashion books too. Heaven…20130126-070505.jpg

… Even a stop to the bathroom is a creative delight! This Bob Dylan quote is on the roof, lit from behind in reverse and reflects perfectly in the mirror. Love! …20130126-070529.jpg

…one of many events held at the Lab to enhance your shopping experience …20130126-070550.jpg


20130126-070657.jpg.. A recycled night vision goggle factory? Cool!
The Lab stands for Little American Business. Il tell you more about it in a minute. I need to rest my feet and grab a feed first…. 🙂
To be continued….


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