A day out in LA – Part 1: Getting a Coffee Fix

What I love most about California is its bohemian side. I love casual fashion, being surrounded by art and creativity and originality. My local favorite hangout when in LA is The Lab Anti Mall in Orange County.20130124-091047.jpg
20130124-092527.jpg I love everything about this place and what it stands for, which I’l tell you more about later, for now just give me coffee!!

I always need a coffee before I shop so I don’t make too many weird Jetlag induced purchases and Cafecito Organico totally rocks. The coffee is sensational and the guys behind the counter are so friendly.20130124-092705.jpg
There are plenty of places to sit and chill. Under this water fountain made of old drums perhaps? At night they have fire pits for added atmosphere…

… Or inside on these funky stools…
…or maybe you would like to take in the many random art projects around…

To be continued ….. 🙂


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