Fun in the Foam









20130128-230021.jpg For one brief moment there was a break in the storm. An eery calm came over the coast.

I was lieing on the couch flicking through a mag because the power had gone out rendering my computer, phone and tv useless. Hubby returns home from band rehearsal and yells through the window, “Quick, come outside and Il take your picture”. So I lept up with a gleefull squeal as I finally being rescued from my cabin fever and we ran down the beach.

It was sweltering inside as all the windows and doors were tightly closed and there was no power for the fan so I was lying around in a Tigerlilly bikini and this very comfy dress that I picked up free yesterday with Cleo magazine.

Yep, it’s a freebie dress! (Ok, well not quite free since I paid $8 for a mag simply because I loved the dress) I must say though, the light reading came in quite handy today once my computer had shut down and there was no chance of blogging.

I even managed to sneak hubby into a pic. Hee hee 😀 Soon enough, the rain and wind resumed and we had to race back inside to the safety of home. It was so much fun playing out in the wind and foamy weather, even if it was only for a brief moment.



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