Wild, Windy & Wet!





20130128-105007.jpgOMG! I have weathered my fair share of storms, but nothing quite like this. 4 tornados due to pass through the Gold Coast today. The wind is cyclonic.

We have lost our awning, our privacy screen and our fence. Part of the next door neighbors asbestos roof is scattered all over our driveway. Flash flooding all over the Gold Coast with windows of high rise apartments in Surfers Paradise blown out! Yikes!

You can see from these pictures the minor flooding behind me and the beach has literally disappeared with sand being blown up onto the road.

I ventured outside to survey the damage, but the wind was so strong I couldn’t venture past the wall for fear of being blown away. Trees have fallen down everywhere with some being sucked into the ocean.

What else would I wear on this cyclonic day than my Billabong ski jacket! The last time I wore this was when I was traveling around England in freezing cold temperatures. It’s super warm, water proof and a total wind break. Gotta love the bright contrasting colors too! Billabong is a local brand started in my neighborhood…represent!

Stay safe peeps!


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