New York Fashion Week – Countdown

I’m so excited for New York Fashion Week. No I’m not going, I’m watching from afar. I guess most of us fantasise about being there, surrounded by creative geniuses and amongst great artists.

I get excited when I see the photos come out on the internet and magazines as Ive got new inspiration on what I wanna wear.20130201-101949.jpg

Let me start by saying that by no means am I a slave to fashion. As far from it as you can be actually! Firstly because fashion is actually about being free and inspired to express yourself however you want to, not to be burdened by the need to be someone that you aren’t or to look a certain way.

Secondly, because I can’t afford it. I have priorities that come way before fashion (believe it or not) but oh how I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. Looking at it, touching it and just being in the presence of it.

I do a lot of window shopping because I get to be in the presence of these great artists work, even if only for a few moments. Thrift and vintage shopping is the best way to find quality pieces at reasonable prices and also to kinda re-create looks from the runway and most high street stores cover trends quicker than you can blink now so it’s not exactly difficult to find something inspired by the runways.

So I am going to talk fashion for the next week or so as I dream about sitting front row watching the process unfold in front of my eyes. I’m looking forward to seeing what quite a few designers will be showing this year.

Who’s collections are you anticipating the most this NYFW?



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