Monika Chiang Does it Again !

Monika Chiangs military inspired collection did not disapoint. This lady can do no wrong.

In an interview I watched she described her inspiration for this collection actually came about from a recurring dream she has been having of flying. What was really cool about this was that she designed her dresses to look like a bird flying from above. She showed an aerial picture of a model walking in one of her dresses and it really did look like she had two wings! Such attention to detail.

Her main objective to her designs is comfort. Hard to believe when you see her sky high heels! However, her heels are designed to completely hug the arch of your foot for maximum comfort 🙂

160996069190827--350x600160996023190839--350x600160996032190838--768x949160996018190836--768x949160996054190833--350x600160996057190832--350x600160996064190828--768x9498d403cb1c4002862_160996074_10.xxxlarge d78439220c7827aa_160996086_10.xxxlargeb5be336cd6bc11e0_160996201_10.xxxlargece63be7fd1b0b3d6_160996285_10.xxxlargeI would like these boots pleeeeeeease!



One thought on “Monika Chiang Does it Again !

  1. I want the jacket in the first picture, the outfit in the 4th picture, the top from the 5th, 8th and 10th picture *lovestruck*

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