The Amazing Jason Wu and my Favs from Rag and Bone: MBFW A/W 13

Jason Wu is to die for! What a stunning collection. Lots of pleats and some feathers… I have actually become a little obsessed with him after viewing these clothes. Whats not to love!

I guess you could say I have two sides to me. The really girly feminine side and the more masculine, grungy side.

I think my girly side really came out once I became married. It was like I just loved being a woman and wanted to embrace it all of a sudden. In saying that, I am mostly drawn to the edgier side of female fashion. I love taking masculine elements and mixing them into feminine outfits and an unkempt look.

Anyway, enough about me, here are a couple of my picks from the Rag and Bone show and waaaaay to many pics from the Jason Wu show (because it was so hard to pick favorites…ugh)

Rag and Bone

rag-and-bone-05rag-and-bone-06 rag-and-bone-13rag-and-bone-14

Jason Wu



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