Finally Some Colour and a bit of Rock n Roll : Rebecca Minkoff A/W 13

I have to admit after a couple of minutes watching Rebecca Minkoffs collection I was feeling a bit bored and tempted to turn off, not to mention the music was doing my head in (nothing a mute button couldn’t solve). However, I’m soooo glad I kept watching because towards the end it got a whole lot better!

I love the tough edge that Rebecca Minkoff showed in the first two images. Heaps of funky prints adding bright pops of colour to the darker ensembles giving a feel of casual glamour. I could easily wear both these two outfits in a heart beat. Really unique and wearable and grungy without being too masculine a layering without that heavy, chunky feeling.cb6743753ff9a1a0_Minkoff_RF13_4787.xxxlarge4a138b89657e41ee_Minkoff_RF13_4822.xxxlargeccd0192b809ebfb8_Minkoff_RF13_4887.xxxlargeAs the show continued, she displayed some amazing shapes and brightly colored dresses appear. Although less wearable items for the regular girl, It would be so much fun to go to an event that allowed me the chance to go all out with something like the one below (just for fun:).58846e24be8cfade_Minkoff_RF13_4900.xxxlargeFinally, my two absolute favorites! I really want to get this dress into my wardrobe pronto. So elegant and ladylike with a subtle sexiness and the colour is perfect for me!f62785a9dbb5fbef_Minkoff_RF13_4917.xxxlargeProving that neither bodycon or cleavage is required to look sexy, this yellow dress is stunning and shows off my favorite body part.

You see, it looks so simple from the front but once the model turned around, we saw a one of a kind deep low cut back… AMAZE! ( I had to take a screen shot of the video to get this shot so it’s poor in quality) 574f17e135029bf1_Minkoff_RF13_4925.xxxlarge



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