A Gold Coast Girls Day Off

20130212-111341.jpg Today is about relaxing and looking after myself.

I went to my deep water running class and had a killer low impact workout in an attempt to move my cankles somewhat north. I love that I’m surrounded by all these fabulous older ladies in my class. I’m so inspired by them. They all got their hair curled, pink lipstick on and bright manicures and of course big sunglasses. I would just love to know there stories, I bet they have a few to tell…

So now it is time to relax. These are my summertime essentials…

• Sheridan Beach Towel
• Killer magazine to read. Today it’s W mag
• Dark sunnies. These are from Urban Outfitters
• Big sunhat. This one is from Element
• Clarins sun protection for the face
• Reef Oil to protect my sensitive skin from the harsh salt water.
•Jasons After Sun Aloe Vera Gel

Don’t want to rub it in to my overseas friends but it is perfection here today. The beach and cold fruit smoothies is on the agenda.

I’d love to know how you will spend your day off this week?



9 thoughts on “A Gold Coast Girls Day Off

  1. Wow, you’re so lucky to have such a relaxing (and glamorous !) day off. It’s freezing in Marseille, so I’ll probably stay at home tomorrow, but, relax, with a killer magazine (“French ELLE”) and cool fashion shows from NY on Fashion TV, I’ll hope that I’ll have a good time too !

    1. Ohhhh, Marseille! I desperately want to visit France again but it may be a year off at least. I always hope that il just end up there spontaneously. Mind you, the weather has been so lovely here. Make for a nice change as we had some big storms that messed up the beaches. Sounds like the perfect day off for you! I also Have enjoyed the fashion shows 🙂


  2. My day off is tomorrow! So excited. Catching up on Sydney trip blogging, testing out my new Clinique products ( a series of lucky deals meant I bought a foundation and a powder and got a total of fourteen freebies from the Clinique website!), catching up with a friend in the morning, going to a chocolate place tomorrow with Mum and planning a Greece trip with my friend in the afternoon!
    And then work :/
    And then my boyfriend gets home from the Gold Coast late tomorrow night, just in time for Valentine’s Day 😀 😀 😀

    1. Wow! That sounds like an amazimg day you have planned! I can’t wait to read about it in your blog. When will you be going to Greece? That is one place I have never been and really want to go.

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