Weekly Instagram Roundup

Every Sunday I post a roundup of my week from my Instagram pictures. If you have Instagram please follow me here

This week probably wasn’t the most exciting week but it sure was a busy one. It started out lovely with two days off which I spent drinking coffee, at the beach, catching up on my favorite blogs and sitting around with my dog 20130218-062336.jpg
.20130218-062643.jpgWinston decided to hog my mag. 20130218-062809.jpg20130218-063453.jpg

20130218-064255.jpgThen came Valentines day… A couple of days early because I was due to fly to LA on V day 🙂 we went for a beach walk, had some Thai food, went to the movies but most importantly just enjoyed each others company

20130218-064356.jpg Then it was time to head to work. My flight ended up being very delayed so they gave us a $30 voucher to buy an airport lunch while we waited. I spent mine on fashion magazines…priorities peeps 😛

20130218-064615.jpgThe delay ended up being a 24 hour one so they put us up in a hotel with views of Sydneys beautiful Darling Harbour. Not too shabby.

20130218-065036.jpgI was even treated to an Impromptu fireworks
display from my window.

Anticipating the long day ahead I went in search of coffee and walked all the way to the other side of darling harbour to find it. I prefer to only drink Campos coffee when in Sydney. When I got there the queue was a huge, which is a good thing because it means the coffee is popular, but I was freaking out as I only had 10 minutes to get back to the hotel.

20130218-065951.jpgI need not have feared, my coffee came out a minute after I ordered it and I rushed back to the hotel, getting there with 2 minutes to spare, phew.

20130218-070132.jpgFinally made it to LA, but only for less than a day. Staying in bed all day was a depressing thought so I snuck out on a quick shopping trip. Tried on heaps of stuff including this amazing vintage hot pink leather pencil skirt… Which I put back on the rack. Whyyyyyy!?

And then I flew back home, landing in Australia Sunday afternoon and heading straight to bed and sleeping from 3pm to 5am. Oh boy, I needed it!

I’m looking forward to the next couple of days off so much. I have some new blogs to check out and some new blogging friends to chat too.

Now tell me, how was your week?


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