LFW: My Sass and Bide Story

This will be a special post inspired by the Sass and Bide AW13 show that just transpired. But one that is meaningful and close to my heart so grab a cuppa and read on. Fourteen years ago I strutted out of a boutique in Fortitude Valley armed with what would be the most defining purchase of my life. This pair of jeans I had in my hands symbolized a new confident girl, ready to step out with her head held so high with a pride in herself; into a new life…and yep, I kept them…My original pair of Sass and Bide jeans circa 1999 Gone were the high waisted black Faberge skinny jeans and the baggy men’s jeans slung low in the hips aka Janet Jackson (it was the nineties). At the age of 19, I slipped into these magic bootleg jeans that sat so low on my hips, with pockets that flattered my bum and suddenly I felt amazing.

Up until that moment I had always thought I had an ugly body, suited only for the 1990’s grunge fad and to be hidden under oversized men’s tees and tartan printed baggy shirts. At first I would hang my jeans carefully in my wardrobe. They took pride and place in my room having cost half my wage at the time. Soon enough though I was living in them, wearing them every single day for every single occasion. I wore them out with heels and as my uniform when I tossed bottles behind the bar at Shooters in Surfers Paradise. People would ask me where I got my jeans from. I wouldn’t tell them for fear my secret would get out, that I didn’t really look this good, that it was the jeans! I washed them every day and years later they still looked new and fit perfectly.

My new love quickly became an obsession and over the years I have collected over a dozen Sass and Bide pieces. I still have a mighty collection of Sass and Bide jeans that I cannot bear to toss away because of the story they tell. There are the dark flares I travelled around Europe in, the first denim skirt I ever wore, I have not hoarded every single pair and have passed on some old denim, but these ones endure in my wardrobe because when I look at them or slip them on, I am taken back to a time, an experience, an attitude…

some of the jeans I have kept Sass and Bide have gone on to become a force to be reckoned with. They have grown from designing the perfect pair of jeans into a mecca of embellished dresses, skirts, tops and accessories that will suit any woman who wants to express her inner beauty to the world. Adorning their designs with feathers, beads or sequins these clothes are made for the woman with an open minded heart and spirit. The Sass and Bide story continues this week at London Fashion Week where they showcased their spectacular Autumn/Winter 2013 collection. I loved the yellow accents, futuristic metallics and geometric cutouts. I would pull every photo I found off the net and every piece from their collection if I could but it would officially make this the longest post I have ever written! So I have made the pics a little smaller and l will let the clothes do the talking… 205246205247205248 205237205237205249205250205253205254205258205261205264205262205265205266205267 What did you think of this collection? Do you have a brand that is close to your heart?


9 thoughts on “LFW: My Sass and Bide Story

    1. Ha ha! I backpacked and camped for months all over Europe with a couple of pairs of sass and bides and they endured and still look great! Mind you they are from back in the day when they were still made in Australia! Many years ago now 🙂 when are you heading to Europe?? So exciting!

      1. Probably April, before I head off to Canada.

        I’m thinking of doing a couple of months with Busabout and doing quite a few of their tours… have you heard anything about Busabout or do you know of anyone that works there or has done a trip with them?

        I wanted to do La Tomatina and Oktoberfest with Busabout on a camping trip – is it safe in terms of bags? I want to bring my laptop etc so just want to make sure that it’s all good before stuff gets lost over $100!

      2. Yeah, I remember bus a bout. I think bus a bout is ok but I would probably get a car in the future.The trains are great though and will get you to more central stops from what I can remember. Camping is amazing in Europe. Every camping ground is like a resort with bars and restarants. I camped in Germany, Amsterdam, France, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Prague, Slovakia.. One beautiful site I stayed in Tuscany on a hill had a huge waterpark Attached! ( sorry, rambling :))

  1. I got mine from small boutique in winter garden in 2001. I was still in high school and has to lay buy them for nearly 2 months! I tore a hole in one leg when I was in my 1st year of uni in 2004. However they still look amazing. I lost some weight recently and can fit into them again! Back in the day jeans were so popular! We used to wear them during the day with tee or at night with sequined top and heels. These wearing jeans out is very uncommon.

    1. Yes! Your comment and story jut made my day 🙂 we used to wear jeans everywhere didn’t we, with lots of sequined tops and heels. Nice to meet another local girl 🙂 xoxo

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