My Weekly Instagram Roundup

This week I was struck down with a head cold which meant that my weekend trip to Hong Kong had to be cancelled. Most of the week was spent indoors sheltering from the relentless rain or ducking under an umbrella.

I partook in Fat Mum Slims Photo challenge for February. Basically you take a photo every day of the month and post it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #FMSphotoaday. To find out more about the Febuary challenge you can click here and If you want to participate for March, you can get a copy of the list from here.


 One of the photos was of your bedside table. This is what I have on mine : Versace body lotion, scented candles, vintage bible, a set of mini drawers that I use for my earrings that I bought from India, a pearl shell from Broome, Western Australia, A little Eiffel Tower souvenier from Paris, a vintage Silver, crocodile print purse, my first ever teddy bear, a picture of my late brother and an old coaster from ‘The Berlin Bar’ my favorite haunt from back in the day…It closed down years ago sadly. IMG_9965

Uni started this week so I had to really focus and start studying. I broke it up by reading my favorite blogs of course 🙂 IMG_9992

I was caught in the rain way too many times this week. IMG_0006

 When the sun finally came out I could finally take some outdoor outfit photos.IMG_0009

 Managed to squeeze in a coffee date with hubby. the best way to warm up on a rainy day.IMG_0034

 The forcast for the week ahead (sigh)IMG_0036

 Bought this cut little bracelet from SportsgirlIMG_0052

My Staffy 🙂

Happy Sunday, Hope you have an amazing week! Anything interesting planned?


10 thoughts on “My Weekly Instagram Roundup

  1. Hahaha the face on your Staffy, is he saying take me for a walk even if it is raining cats and dogs? 🙂

    I managed to get my dog out this morning down to Miami Beach but it was very rough. The erosion is full on.

    Don’t like this weather at all!

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