One Amazing Black Leather Bag Please…

Im saving up for a much needed black leather carry all. My plan is that in 6 months Il have done exceptionally well in my uni exams and will deserve a reward for all my hard work and sacrifice.




I am very excited to see what comes out of Australian Fashion week this year too, maybe I’ll have something new and exciting to choose from one of our many fabulous designers.

I love nothing more than a beautiful handbag, I just have to choose one. I prefer something that will see me through for years, classic soft leather rather than patent. This are the three on my current shortlist. I am heavily leaning towards the Rag & Bone as I desperately love that brand but I am so in love with Mimco’s unique style to… maybe I need two!?

What do you think ?


18 thoughts on “One Amazing Black Leather Bag Please…

  1. I think if you want something classic, #1 would be a good choice. But I personally love the trendy appeal of #2 – though I’m not sure I’m into the patent leather.

    1. I’m the same, i prefer soft leather. I love that the second one is a bit cutting edge but would still go with everything. I’m personally leaning towards the first one (Rag &Bone) though and the 3rd (mimco) is so cute too… Argh!

  2. Can’t decide!! Lol. I love the 2nd one but I think if you want something more classic the 3rd is fabulous. I can see it on so many outfit choices

  3. Love the Rag and Bone bag! The design is classic but it’s versatile with the option to carry as a tote or a shoulder/cross-body bag… and their quality is so good… It’s just beautiful!

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