Quick Trip to Sydney

What can a girl do in one hour in Sydney… Plenty! The main sights are within the same photo space so there’s no reason to not take a couple of pictures.

I had to fly to Sydney overnight for a very early appointment at the US embassy. I grabbed some vegemite on toast & coffee along the way and after my appointment, wandered down to Circular Quay, a great place to take a few pics of the harbour before my 11am flight home.

I live blogged my tour this morning on Instagram. I was lucky enough to find a spot to pop my iPhone self timer too and snapped these simple outfit shots.




7 thoughts on “Quick Trip to Sydney

  1. Sydney is awesome. I have relatives who lived there, now they moved in Melbourne. 🙂 Btw, your blog is very interesting.

  2. Love Sydney! Although I’m slightly biased since I’ve lived here my whole life.
    Definitely check out the beaches next time, especially the northern beaches! Also it’s ‘Circular Quay’ 😛


    1. Thanks! I need to check my spelling! I know sydney pretty well, I’ve lived in Coogee before and stay with friends often as I’m down every week for work. I was lucky to have an hour before I needed to be at the airport and was able to take a couple of pics. I didn’t expect that I’d have any time, lucky me 🙂

    1. Absolutely! When my appointment was over I booked the next flight home! The wether was amazing that day and it was early so the crowds hasn’t built up so it was actually peaceful 🙂

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