A Vogue Suprise in Dubai

Today I took a trip to the mega Dubai Mall.

I was staring in awe at some Gucci heels and mentally calculating the cost when I happened across this random Vogue exhibit. 20130426-001011.jpg20130426-001023.jpg


20130426-001130.jpg This exhibition took me on a journey through the sophisticated world of Vogue through the ages.

It was so interesting & inspiring watching the evolution of Vogue right before my eyes.



What I love most about travelling? Stumbling across something your passionate about without even knowing it existed!

This display can be found inside the Level Shoe District in Dubai Mall. The Level Shoe District is something special…I actually shed a few tears… You will hear about it in my next post.

Until then, I have downloaded some of my day out in Dubai Mall pics on Instagram & you can view them by clicking here. For now, I need to get some beauty sleep 🙂

Love Sechy




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