7 things I look forward too during the next 2 weeks

I am officially on two weeks holiday from work … WOO HOO!!!!! Being a flight attendant, what is my plan for this time off ? To stay at HOME!!

This is my holiday list! Some of the many things I am looking forward to in the next 2 weeks..

1. Catching up on study.

It might be a break from work but university goes on. I am looking forward to catching up on some reading and will make the most of this time by preparing for the end of semester exams which are looming.

2. Wearing bold lipstick everyday.

My job requires me to be very ‘natural’ and uniform so bold lips are a big no no. Holidays mean That I am able to express myself and experiment so whether it is red lipstick or hot pink, I will be wearing it… Even if I don’t end up leaving the house ๐Ÿ™‚

With that being said I will also be donning …

3. Bright colourful manicures.

For the same reasons as above, but also because I am just so busy that I don’t have the time to accomplish a beautiful manicure. I basically come home from work, go straight to uni, housework, kid wrangle… If I even attempt a red mani, it ends up smeared before it can dry.

My survival technique for work tends to be painting one hand at a time to keep my other hand free to do what needs to be done, but often I end up with a one handed manicure which I am furiously touching up in the airplane lavatory at work!

4. Catching up with girlfriends!

It has been sooo long and I can not WAIT to catch up with good friends and all the gossip. Some have had babies and I have not even met them yet! Birthdays are coming up… So much happening ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Blogging!

I have really missed the daily ritual of blogging! Everyday I would wake up early and trawl through my favorite blogs and have some real good yarns with other fashion obsessed bloggers. I just live reading, writing and sharing so I am really looking forward to bringing you some fun posts!

6. Cleaning out my wardrobe.


Every six months a thorough clean out is a must!

7. Cooking…home cooking!


Because I am always traveling I often come home craving the simplicity of salad or veggies. But now I am home every day, I’m looking forward to visiting the farmers markets and spending the time cooking yummy meals from scratch. I might even share some of my recipes here with you ๐Ÿ™‚

Now how about you!

Do you have plan for your up coming holidays?

I would love to know if you will be traveling anywhere or enjoying some time at home?



11 thoughts on “7 things I look forward too during the next 2 weeks

  1. Woohoo! Sounds like the ultimate time off..relaxing, revitalizing…back to basics for a while…I am going to Barcelona start of June for my birthday and then straiaiaiight to greece…


      1. Oh wow! T the moment it’s ‘fantasy’ planning. I have been trawling the net looking t hotels and prices and things to do but I don’t know when il be able to go… Probably next year… So far away though:( x

      2. eeeh, is not thaaaaat far…and you’ll have plenty of time to schedule it ;)…naaah, I will tell you where and what you should do when the time comes…xxx

        but for now, enjooooooooy!

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