Jeans Inspiration

It is so cold all of a sudden so I am taking my inspiration from denim today. Jeans are my staple, I rarely venture out in any other pants in winter. I have over a dozen pairs but I tend to stick with my blue denim skinnies. That said, today I am sporting a pair of black stonewashed Nudie jeans that a practically sprayed on!

I do not own a pair of boyfriend jeans. I just never thought they suited me however after seeing Elle Macpherson styling them below, I am seriously considering a pair. I am also inspired by flares.I have an amazing pair of Levi’s flares that I can’t bring myself to throw away but that I don’t really wear. This chick makes them look so chic, I am in love with them.








Fortunately our winters in Queensland are relatively mild and a pair of jeans and Havaianas will usually suffice. The photos above really reflect my own simple casual style and how I would style my jeans, photo number two is pretty much my everyday style. I don’t think I own nearly enough ripped jeans though;)

I’m loving how every one is folding the cuffs up at the ankles too. For me this Aussie winter simple tops, graphic sweaters and graphic scarves are the way to go.

Love Sechy


9 thoughts on “Jeans Inspiration

    1. Ha ha. I know … Hey, today I’m wearing a singlet!! Sometimes I miss those cold Europe trips though where I would be able to get all dressed up with my ear muffs and scarves and boots. xoxo

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