I Love a Bargain

Wooo hoooo! I did some shopping this week and picked up some really cool bargains! These amazing black stonewashed Nudie jeans were thrifted for $4 at Lifeline. Can you believe it? I rarely venture into thrift shops in Australia, preferring markets but this day I happened to be donating heaps of crockery and clothes so I thought It wouldn’t hurt to have a nosy around. To my good fortune I found these 🙂

I already own a pair of Nudie jeans which retailed for $350. These fit perfect too. I also found these really cool One Teaspoon denim cut offs for $10.

The Novo heels were not thrifted but they were a bargain at only $60. I needed a pair of strappy black heels to wear on the weekend but because it is autumn / winter here, I couldn’t find any anywhere. Lucky for me the last place I looked had these and they are soooo comfortable. I wore them for 8 hours straight and my feet didn’t hurt one bit 🙂

Don’t you just love a bargain?


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