24 hours in Melbourne Part 1





Melbourne is internationally known for its street art, unique expressions of art displayed all over the city in approved locations. I love it!

The first thing I did before exploring Melbournes lane ways is downloaded the free ‘Detour’ app. It is really cool. Not only is it a map of the lane ways, it provides infomation on the artwork and the artists.

The map looks like this, each black dot represents a piece of art. When you tap on the dot, a small bio pops up about the work and the artist.

There you have it, your own little self tour of these amazing, colourful spaces for free in your iPhone 🙂

Melbourne is such a beautiful city and this legal street art adds a unique and vibrant edge to the urban environment. If your like me and you live art and fashion, then Melboune is a must do when you come to Australia.

Have you explored Melbournes laneways ?

Love Sechy


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4 thoughts on “24 hours in Melbourne Part 1

  1. I love the Melbourne laneways! Last time I was there was a few years ago, so didnt get to try the app – but what a wonderful idea! Half the time you stumble around discovering cool art works, but miss so many good ones. Must return some day, such a great city! x

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