This month saw me spend plenty of quality time at home, pottering around the house, fly to Melbourne for a weekend getaway and a quick work trip up to Manila in the Phillipines. Here is a sample of my Instagram photo diary…














There are more where these came from ๐Ÿ™‚

Love Sechy

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6 thoughts on “Insta-moments

  1. Nice pictures of surfing and the ocean. It looks similar yet different from here. I surfed yesterday, but took the ENTIRE day off without my iPhone, thus no pix from the beach. Without my phone, It felt like I was missing a finger or an arm, especially when I went to lunch in between sessions and my friend looked at his phone like 8x during our meal..LOL Thanks for the pix!

    1. I hate when I forget my phone because there’s always something worth taking a photo! Like, the other day I went down to the beach for a bit and a policeman fell off his Segway. Flipped forward right over the top. Totally worth a pic … Argh. Ha ha ๐Ÿ™‚

      I have only been to Honolulu so I’d love to explore Hawaii more as I prefer quieter beach areas but I would say Honolulu has a similar atmosphere to Surfers Paradise. Quite touristy and fun. (Our beaches have a lot more waves than Honolulu though) I would love to see some of Hawaii’s big waves!

      1. (Oops, pressed send before I was finished) the first pic with the surfers is the very famous surf break, Snapper Rocks, further down is the other famous surf break at Burliegh Heads. We love to sit up there and watch the surfers.


  2. That would have been a fun picture, reading it is still cool, I can imagine what it looked like. Snapper Rocks is the one I hear about quite often. I actually surf most of the time in Waikiki at places called Tongues, Pops, Queens and Old Mans. I do go to the North Shore at least once a year to see the Pipeline Contest where the waves are usually quite BIG. But I’ve only surfed on the NS 2x and it was a bit too powerful for my liking. Fun to watch, just not to surf. At least for me. Have a nice week.

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