I am a flight attendant and I have one word for you. When it comes to beauty and long haul flights… Hydration! But dolls, re-hydrating is more than just chugging water…


Cabin air is thin and dry. This means that we lose more fluid over a shorter period of time with less effort than we usually would at home. Dehydration causes the blood to thicken and can lead to low blood flow in the veins, headaches and… eeeek… dry skin.

imageDrink up (obvious) – Customs has liquids limits but there is no rule that says you can’t take an empty bottle & fill it up on board! I drink 1 1/2 to 2 litres per twelve hours in flight.

Non drying cleanser – Because I have very sensitive & dehydrated skin, I use a natural, oil based cleanser. ‘Sukin Cream Cleanser’ is my one and only. I suffer dermatitis as well and this is one of the few cleansers that does not irritate my skin. It also doesn’t dry the skin out, which I love. I remove my make up after service is finished every single flight and re apply before breakfast. I suggest you do the same.


Hydrating moisturiser – This speaks for itself really. Once I have finished the main meal service, I remove all my make up with my cream cleanser & generously apply a serum, eye cream and moisturiser. A hard core routine? Yes! I never miss a step. The moisturiser I use is formulated for older skin than what I have; but the rules change when you fly as much as I do. It is imperative to protect your skin from the dry air when on board so take off that makeup and care for your skin. You will thank me once you are at the other end, trust me.


Serum – I am a devoted ‘Jurlique‘ user. Jurlique serums and moisturisers have literally repaired my skin after years of  sufferring dermatitis. I use ‘Jurlique Purely Age Defying‘ serum at home as well as the skin balancing oil (amazing); but when I fly I apply ‘Sukin Purely Ageless Botanical Hydration Booster‘. I will probably apply it three times over the course of a flight and the night before a flight. As stated before, I am obsessed with my skin care routine. 

Face Mist / Spritzer – I also use water spritzers. They may not seem like much but they are a great way to combat the dry aircraft. I love aromatherapy enhanced sprays but fancy sprays aren’t necessary. I have used many a plain mineral water spritz in my time and they are just as fabulous.

Eye drops – It is really important to keep the eyes moist and comfortable and people often overlook this step. When the eyes get dry, you are actually more prone to getting sick. The eye absorbs alot of germs and as they get dry and tired you rub them more, increasing your chances of getting sick.  Don’t forget this important rehydration step. Not only will it help prevent you catching a cold, your eyes won’t be as red and sore when you arrive at your destination.

So where are you flying too? Tell me tell me!

Love Sechy





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