Weekly Photo Diary

Ahhhh, what a lovely week I have had.

Busy as always but was fortunate enough to catch up with family, friends and spend quality time with hubby. Also got to spend the night at a local music festival and pampered at the hairdresser. Yep, busy can be good!

Now for a rundown of the past fortnight via my Instagram account, beginning with a trip to Los Angeles… Finally after what was months…



I love flying to the city of angels even if just for a day 🙂 The sun was shining and I got to catch up on some shopping. I brought a massive bag load of goodies home from the Buffalo Exchange… Winning!!

20130707-210506.jpg I came home and spent a few days taking in ocean sunrises from my front porch…:) The tranquility of these early mornings soon interrupted by two little boys who needed lots of play time with Sechy so we headed out to a local dairy farm where we stocked up on milk straight from the farm.

The kids absolutely loved the dairy farm and asked to come back again! Moooooo …


So I have proved that we aren’t just about beaches here on the Gold Coast but … they are still beautiful…

Then it was back to the USA where they were busy setting up their 4th of July celebrations…



I love California’s relaxed bohemian style. It is always fun…

For more up to the moment photo updates of my adventures you can follow Sechys Diary on Instagram and make sure you say hi 😀

How has your week been ? Have you been celebrating this week?

It’s been a little while since I have caught up with you my blogging friends but thank you for sticking with me through this busy time..

Lots of Love


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Diary

  1. I spent the 3rd of July at the races! Emerald Downs had an amazing evening firework show. 4th was with the family and the rest of the weekend I went camping with friends, it was lots of fun! sunburnt though…

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