Summer Fashion is Winter Fashion in Queensland!


Well hello there! 🙂

Winter in Queensland has been superb! Today was sooo sunny and hot, I was glad to have another opportunity to bring out my new favourite dress which I picked up online at and has been all over the world with me.

At first glance this UK based online store look like they sell motorcross gear, the kind of stuff my husband would be interested in!! However, they stock a huge range of really cool womens wear and it is a great way to end up with something amazing in your closet.  It pays to think outside the box when looking for something new and amazing to wear!  Click  here to check it out.

I was really impressed that they shipped to Australia nice and quick too.





This dress is so soft and can be worn for literally every occasion; dressed up with heels or with sandals for casual day chic. Today I felt it was best shown off with my nude leather Guess heels (similar here) and minimal accessories but it would look equally as cool with sandals or wedges and a vintage belt.

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the sun … where ever you are





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