Mood Board : Hippy Glam

eniko-glamour4eniko-glamour5 70s+glamour


hippie-2 hippie-yeah6 bohemian+glamourtumblr_lhn6ej414t1qguqwmo1_500


My hubby has always teased me about being a hippy. Truthfully , nothing inspires me as much as the laidback hippy lifestyle…   bare feet,  flower chains, copius amounts of beads and flowing dresses and flowing tresses.

My inspiration is a vision of twirling on the beach or in long grass, embracing nature, feeling loved and delighting in Gods creation…





4 thoughts on “Mood Board : Hippy Glam

    1. I’m so much like you. I appreciate all different styles regardless of whether they are my own.

      My personal style is very casual and a bit grungy but I love looking at highly polished styles and then I also love the high waisted pant phenomenon, which although I never wear, adore and admire on others 🙂


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