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Lately I’ve been back and forth between Australia and the USA a lot so my Instagram account has been full of summer ๐Ÿ™‚ the weather has been amazing at home too and today was my first proper beach day for the season. If the weather is this good now, I can’t wait for summer!

…Beach, beer, summer dresses, vintage markets, crafts, salty beach curls and hair…

I love Australia and I love LA. I’m so lucky to get the best of both worlds with my job.

What are you looking forward to the most this season where you are?



10 thoughts on “Instagram photo diary

  1. Hey Sechy! I’ve been lucky with the warm weather too as I just got back from 5 weeks in France, Italy & Greece ( mostly beach towns and islands) and have arrived back to a Queensland summer (even though it’s technically spring! haha).

    I am looking forward to:
    beach crawling up and down both the Gold Coast & the Sunshine Coast
    Warm, bright and breezy ( and totally relaxed) late Sunday breakfasts out at local cafes
    Sunday sessions at a few cute-as new bars in Brisbane – such as Dandy’s rooftop at the Fox and Alfred & Constance (opened last year, but still fresh!)

    1. I really need to check out that new rooftop bar! Hope you enjoyed your trip! It has been truly amazing here , mind you the each works have been a little bit disruptive… Hopefully they’ll be over soon!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I am in Europe Sechyyyy…and it’s getting colder and colder…but I much enjoy your summer photos..waiting for the sun to come out again! btw, i am following via bloglovin, as I was missing a lot of posts with wp reader..enjoy the summer time!!


      1. really? it’s really convenient, as it sums up all the new posts for you..and you don’t miss anything! but..what am I saying to you right now?!? u r in the sunny part of earth, enjoying summer days..who takes about these when you have the sun and the sea and the warm weather!


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