Weekend style.


Hello lovelies!

 This weekend I was lucky enough to be at home instead of flying so I made the most of it by taking some time out to visit family and relax at home 🙂

Saturday took us for a drive out to Tubulgum where we boarded a houseboat my parents had hired and cruised through the Tweed River stopping in a quiet little cove. It was such a beautiful day and the scenery was just stunning. The men went fishing and I spent most of my time lying on the roof catching some sun.


 Sunday morning was spent relaxing with a good book instead of an assignment, which I probably should have been doing but a girl needs a break! Grace Coddington A Memoir is so inspiring and is probably the best gift you could think to buy a girl like me because after it is read, it becomes a decoratorive item for the coffee table! And I love books. I think when you walk into someones house you can tell a lot about them by the books they have lieing around 😀

I hope your weekend has been beautiful lovelies. I am going to relax now to the sounds of a local acoustic artist and a cold beer 🙂

What did u get up to today?

Love Sechy

Click here if you want : Grace Coddingtons awesome Memoir.
My Light colored denim shorts.
This casual but cool as Black top


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