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When I started my blog I really  underestimated the wonderful supportive community I would end up becoming involved in. Not only has blogging been a great creative outlet for me to vent my dreams, ideas and stylistic musings; It has been a way to wind down after a long haul flight, a strenuous assignment or a exhaustive day chasing boys (little ones – not grown up ones) ;P.

During the year I have been so fortunate to be nominated for a couple of awards and had so many lovely comments made and so I just wanted to take this moment to say…Thankyou. I didn’t get around to writing about the awards I recieved or the inspiring women who gave them to me. I think these women are each wonderfully different and inspiring and I just wanted to share the love and encourage you to check them out, follow along and say hi.

The Political Vagina

Fashionista in Suburbia

2 sisters one blog

Macaroons in Paris


Love Sechy


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