A Lonvitalite love affair




Now that uni has finished for the year, I have been able to take time out to relax & reflect on the things that mean the most to me. I am always busy working & then as soon as I stop I am studying or doing assignments, then I spend my days off on uni campus. When I do finally put the books down and I am home I usually do chores, cook, shop or kid wrangle. Busy, busy, busy. Even my blog takes a back seat sometimes as I pursue my studies & tend to my precious family. These Christmas holidays I am taking some me time and teaching myself not to feel guilty about it 🙂

One thing that I have to do on my days off is treat myself to a nourishing face mask. As an international flight attendant my skin gets really dry & it constantly feels like it is going to crack. For this reason I use a LONVITALITE mask before & after a trip away to re- hydrate & soothe my parched skin.


I have to fly to LAX tomorrow so in preparation for the dry cabin air I used a LONVITALITE Red wine collagen facial mask. It is a firming & nourishing mask which leaves my skin feeling super soft & ultra hydrated. My skin is left with a smooth base for makeup application too. I never thought I would ever find a mask that my sensitive skin could handle.

20131212-102147.jpg 20131212-102211.jpg

I highly recommend this mask for regular or damaged sensitive skin. I’ve suffered from chronic Dermatitis on my face for years & became afraid to use cosmetics. I am very picky now as most products result in burning & irritation. Products that are made specifically for Eczema & Dermatitis tend to be the worst! I cannot tell you the countless number of products I have had to bin due to irritation that is extremely painful & visibly horrendous. The only products I use on my skin are Jurlique oils & moisturisers, Natios regular eye cream (the sensitive skin care range burns), Sukin oil cleanser, Aveeno body moisturizer & LONVITALITE masks.

It says not to apply to broken skin but today I did. I had a large itchy patch of dermatitis near my left eye & after I peeled the mask off it was all gone leaving a nothing but a small, smooth little red mark & no uncomfortable itching. A little tinted moisturizer & you wouldn’t even know it was there! 😉

‘…no makeup, no filter, no photoshop, just a lonvitalite mask …

I highly recommend LONVITALITE masks no matter what kind of skin you have. I have been soooooo impressed with them that I just wrote a whole post on them !!!

You can easily buy them online & they are really reasonably priced for the quality. Each pack comes with 5 masks and averages around $25 a pack. I noticed they are actually offering a pack with a selection of each face mask for only $15 here!  Read about the different facial cloth masks HERE. And if you are looking for a luxurious & practical gift for a friend this christmas (hint hint), why not give these a go.

Lots of skin loving…




3 thoughts on “A Lonvitalite love affair

  1. I love Lonvitalite masks! I bought 2 packs ti take with me on a girls only bali trip and let the girls pick one each for a pamper day. I love the eye masks as well and have just tried the hand masks. So amazing! Thanks for a great review

    1. My pleasure honey 🙂 I’m half you enjoyed it. yeah, they are perfect for travel. If I was a passenger ( and not working on board ) I would open one up and pop it on mid flight to ease the effects of the dry air.

      I haven’t tried the hand masks but based on your recommendation I think I should definitely give them a go. Hands are always the first places to show aging and I do find my hands get extremely dry because I wash them so much.


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