This week marks my 2nd wedding anniversary. One of the first blog posts I ever wrote was my idea for a first anniversary here and I remember being pretty proud of it being one of the first posts I published. It has been an amazing couple of years for us and I thought  I would mark the occasion by sharing some styling ideas based on my own feminine, vintage style wedding.

… My wedding dress – a luxurious Australian made cream, vintage evening dress …

We like to do things differently and our wedding was no exception. We wanted our wedding to be representative of us & not about meeting others expectations so we got married on the beach at sunrise, in vintage and had homemade goodies over champagne for breakfast. It was the best day of my life.

A good way to keep your wedding sustainable and affordable is to buy vintage. I wore a cream vintage evening gown (meringue dresses just aren’t my style) and my mum found me the most beautiful vintage cake stand which she then dressed up with some roses. It was absolutely perfect. Everything from the breakfast muffins to the cakes were handmade and it just made it all the more fun and special to us.

…Every brides secret weapon…

The most amazing little invention a bride should not get married without is this miracle stain remover pen from $7.95 and it will clean up any little stains immediately. Trust me, Stainxile will become your best friend and never leave your handbag!

Rather than a wedding cake, I spent all afternoon the day before making Red Velvet love heart mini-cup cakes with cream cheese frosting and I popped them inside tiny chinese style containers to hand out at the end of the wedding as a thankyou gift to the guests. It was so much fun and it meant alot to me to be able to give something personal; something that I love; to my guests.

(Image courtesy of

A vintage style wedding at sunrise might not be everyones taste, but for us it was the perfect way to start our life together. The day began early and it was just so exciting from start to finish. Without the need for anyones approval, from the dress to the food, we could relax and enjoy ourselves.  We didn’t even set a dress code. The guests could come in boardies and Havaianas or a suit as long as they were comfortable, which is exactly what they did.

Our motto in life is we love you for who you are so take us a we are and our wedding was no exception. As far as I know, everyone had an amazing time and lots of Moet & Chandon was had 🙂

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

There are so many resources that a bride to be can look to for ideas. Etsy, Pinterest and Tumblr are great but before you do, think about what you and your partner love. Write a list of your favorite meals, colours, flavours and things you like to do. Then go looking for inspiration based on those things to keep every aspect of your wedding personal, meaningful and heart felt. In case you need a little extra inspiration Bride Magazine has some stunning real life wedding stories with such inspiring images and you can access them online here  🙂

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Thats all for now lovelies, I am off to celebrate 🙂

Love Sechy



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