Cai Guo-Qiang – Falling Back to Earth


I went and saw the Falling Back to Earth Exhibition yesterday and I just wanted to say, it is AWESOME! What took my greatest interest was Head On.

Head on is made up of 99 replica animals, a vertical loop of wolves hurling themselves into the air, only to hit a glass wall before returning to the beginning. The work was originally created for an exhibition at the Deutsche Guggenheim in 2006 and was inspired by Berlins turbulent history. The Berlin Wall which divided the city during the Cold War era, is referenced in the scale of the glass panel.

Head on also makes broader statements about human nature. Gaining power and momentum through unity, the wolves appear heroic as they leap toward the unknown. There is the implication that if we blindly follow ideology, or misdirect our strength toward a collective goal, there can be damaging consequences. The resilience of the wolves hints at our difficulty in learning from our mistakes. The transparent glass wall suggests that we may not even be aware that an obstacle is there yet it remains impenetrable – invisible barriers can be… the hardest walls to destroy.




This was not the only installation but definately my fav. There was also these two magnificent exhibits…


If you are in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast , I highly recommend this exhibit. I think tickets are $12 ( I got it for $5 when I bought tickets to see the California exhibit, also at GOMA and also really worth seeing, lots of vintage California modern designs. Really cool!)

I sincerely hope you are all enjoying your weekend and getting prepared for the week ahead. I am lucky to have 2 more days off so I’m going to chill on the beach, read & blog. Can’t wait 😀

Love Sechy


5 thoughts on “Cai Guo-Qiang – Falling Back to Earth

  1. Those pics were sooo cool! I really wish I could see them in person, but Indiana is a bit out of the way. Lol Maybe one day I will make it to your beautiful country! One day.

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