Tower of London

Ahhhh lovelies!


On my latest trip to England I visited the historic Tower of London, an absolute must see when visiting London. I don’t know if it is because I have been catching up on past episodes of Game of Thrones but I was craving seeing a castle and with only 6 days up my sleeve this was my best option :).

So many stories to be told here. The Tower of London was first inhabited by William the conquerer in the 1100’s and was at one time the tallest building in Europe. Ann Boylen was executed here and my guide told me she was mid prayer when she was beheaded so when they held her head up… her mouth was still moving!

Tower of London travel tips : There are free guided tours so check the schedule and make sure you go on one. The Tower of London guides are really entertaining and informative. Check out the night tours of the tower too where they tell a you few more haunting stories. I recommend getting there early so you can relax and really make the most of everything there is to see as the crowds get crazy…(I went at an off peak time and it was still really busy)

I kept warm and comfortable in : Coat | Leggings | Docs

More to come soon 🙂

Love Sechy xoxo

Note: The above photo was taken on my IPhone. I always like to take quality photgraphs for my posts to share all the beauty, colour and to give clarity to what I see. On the final day of this recent trip, my DSLR was stolen from me along with a lot of photos so I ask that you please enjoy my next few posts until I replace my camera, regardless of the fact they were taken on IPhone and be kind 🙂 xoxo


8 thoughts on “Tower of London

    1. Thanks Donna!! Yeah, totally sucks but I suppose that’s life. I was having an amazing time in Bricklane when it happened and kinda put a dampened on the day. Thank god for the IPhone!! Luckily I had travel insurance so hopefully il get a new one soon xoxo

  1. How horrible that you had your camera stolen…
    along with your priceless photos + memories…
    but do love this shot taken via iPhone…
    and such an interesting post too~

    1. Thankyou honey! It felt surreal having my bag taken and the person just vanished into thin air! I’m a travel expert and very security conscious so I couldn’t believe it happened. Thank god for the iPhone though huh 🙂

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