Attendant – Great coffee in a unique setting!


Attendant Espresso is a cafe that has made clever use of an unusual space …

Attendant is cool! This aussie girl loved it. We came upon this little cafe on Foley St as we were casually strolling and our curiosity was piqued.


 Inside is a funky little retro style cafe serving amazing coffee! I was quite surprised and delighted when I took my first sip, it was a beautifully full flavored and well made coffee without a hint of bitterness. This is definitely a must for coffee lovers.20140316-175949.jpg

 As we were sitting there drinking the delicious coffee and taking in our surroundings it came to our realization that we were actually drinking coffee inside a restroom! “Um… Honey are they… urinals?”

So there you have it, an old restroom has been transformed into a funky cafe! Ok, I found this sooo interesting and clever but my hubby was a bit unsure after this realisation 🙂



I highly recommend visiting Attendant when you are in London. It is definitely worth it and if you can’t make the stairs for some reason, they have a little bell and will bring your coffee up to you 🙂


If you would like to know more, I found some more great pics on this website ‘design boom‘ and you can find out more about Attendant on there Facebook page here.

Love Sechy

(On my final day in London, I had the unfortunate experience of having my Digital SLR camera stolen. I am blogging my London trip using iPhone photos so please be kind 🙂 )


11 thoughts on “Attendant – Great coffee in a unique setting!

  1. W-o-w, this is quite a remarkable and terribly clever makeover…
    seeing the original {Before} photos on ‘design boom’ link ….
    helps to better grasp the creativity behind this quirky cafe…
    a London lavatory turned trendy cafe–who would have thunk?!!

    1. Totally! Thats the reason I included the link because it tells the full story and shows how they did it. So cool huh. It takes real creativity and foresight to do something like this and make it work. xoxo

  2. Reblogged this on Fordham PR and commented:
    Sechy is a fellow-Aussie and I love following her adventures abroad. This particular story offers a whole new take on the chi-chi poo-poo coffeehouse community….spend a penny and drink a latte! You look a little flushed there, mate. LOL

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