Bricklane – The best place to hang in London

Bricklane Markets in London’s east end would have to be my favorite markets in the whole world! Though it is not just one market but in fact four. I waited so patiently all week for Sunday to come! I went with a plan…buy lots of vintage, see some street art and do alot of people watching … things did not turn out exactly how I had hoped for what was going to be my favorite day out in London, as you will find out at the end of the post. Lets just look at some pics huh…


First things first – Coffee. After arriving in the hood we came across this very quaint cafe Craft Coffee. Perfect timing, it was yummy and the all girl staff were very pleasant. We sat inside and watched the hagglers out front. This was definately the tackier end of the market…20140327-181759.jpg

Turn the corner and you can find anything you want … more coffee…food… yum! I was particularly intrigued by The Black Cab.20140327-164707.jpg

So as I said earlier the markets are actually a collection of markets within the Old Truman Brewery. The Sunday Up market, The Backyard market, The Vintage market, The Boiler house but don’t forget also that these markets are surrounded by shops and cafes that are also worth a visit as well as the massive Spitalfields market up the road. I loved all of them but unfortunately I did not get to visit the Vintage markets…as you will find out..  because I wanted to leave the best till last…


The Backyard market and the Tea Rooms were so cool. There was lots of vintage homewares, vinyl and young designers. Definately worth a visit and there is heaps of food on offer too 🙂 20140327-165308.jpg

Wandering around Bricklane you can’t miss the vintage stores. They are amazing and my favorite RokIt sells tonnes of refurbished vintage. Everything is tidied up and brought back to its best or recycled into something new. It’s actually a franchise but I don’t care. RokIt because it is laid out so well with everything displayed in a way that makes it easy to find what you are looking for. 20140327-170833.jpg



There is an abundance of street art in Bricklane and this is partly what makes it so interesting. We took some amazing photos of the art, I am a massive fan of street art if you didn’t notice 🙂 20140327-181441.jpg

Music Lovers must visit Rough Trade. They don’t just sell records, they hold gigs and you can grab a feed too.20140327-181613.jpgSo there you have it, a little snapshot of a day out in Bricklane. So why didn’t I get to visit the Vintage markets…after so much planning? Well, this is where our camera was stolen. We were indulging in some amazing food to energise us for the shopping mission ahead when it happened. So sad. All our photos gone.  It also brings home the message that no matter how experienced, confident or security conscious you are it could happen to you. Our bag was swiped from us and it put a real downer on the day. We spent the next few hours with security, then the police. All I can say is, keep hold of your bag nice and tight and ….THANK GOD for the iPhone! 🙂 My london pictures are mostly iPhone pics but I still love them. They make me happy and I hope they make you happy too.

So Bricklane…you been? Thoughts? Best purchases you’ve made? food you’ve eaten? I wanna know…tell me!!

If you are heading that way feel free to send me a vintage gift






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