It is time to take a break

Hi beautiful, lovely, wonderful peeps!

The time has come for me to pull away and take a short break from blogging for Sechys Diary. It has been an extremely busy year for me and as much as I love my little blog, It is now time to prioritise some different things for a bit. I will be back from time to time… and I haven’t reeeeeally gone anywhere 😉 I am all over Twitter & Instagram and use it every single day so I will be micro blogging on these platforms as I travel around the world and explore lots of new things 😀

For now, my focus is on looking after ME and taking some time out to recover my immune system.

I love a chat – epecially about ethical fashion, travel, coffee, food, health and wellness as well as sharing an inspiring quote or two or talking about the challenges of working & becoming a step mum so please find me on Twitter & Instagram and if you ever want to catch up and my blog is stil here with my old posts which I might link too from time to time 🙂


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4 thoughts on “It is time to take a break

  1. ahhh.. chronique fatigue syndrome is definitely not fun… sure remedies are: coffee and diet coke 🙂 ❤ and fashion of course

  2. Best Wishes taking care of yourself. I’ve been missing your blog posts, it’s so fun to see a similar surf town to where i live, yet so different. But I do see you more on Instagram. I’ve noticed Instagram is getting more interactive too. I’m not quite used to responding on there yet, but it seems to be what’s happening. I figure its the many FB users, moving on to Instagram. Best wishes, blessings and prayers…see you somewhere.

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