Don’t miss visiting Harlem when your in New York City. Harlem is a such an interesting vibrant place with so much culture and history.

IMG_2038 travel blog harlem travel blog harlem


IMG_2015 traavel harlem

I took a free walking tour of Harlem with Free Tours on Foot which I highly recommend. I can not say enough good things about these guys. The tours are totally free, you just pay a tip at the end. I tipped $20 🙂 . The tours are run by local citizens who have a history with the neighbourhoods and tell lots of stories along with some really interesting history and facts while showing you around.

travel blog harlem travel blog harlem travel blog harlem


visit harlem


Once you step from Central Park into Harlem, the vibe completely changes. But it really is awesome and taking the tour really enhances the experience as you learn so many stories about each of the special places to visit. There are so many historic places to see. Visit the Apollo Theatre, The Lenox Lounge and eat some good american food at Amy Ruths.

Have you been to Harlem? What are your must see places?




4 thoughts on “Harlem

    1. Ha ha. Well, I will admit there were areas that weren’t so ‘vibrant’ . I definitely probably use the word vibrant too much.lol. But with a rich history and the big personalities I met, It was definitely a highlight of my trip x

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