Christmas 2014

How has everyone been? Was Christmas good? New Years?

Mine was awesome. I had a wonderful Christmas day with the family at my house which was just wonderful and such a treat. Being a flight attendant means not always being able to spend Christmas at home. Most Christmas’s were spent at 30 000 ft and one Christmas I sat in my hotel room watching German TV without english subtitles, eating a microwave lasagne that the receptionist kindly heated up for me in the staff room. Needless to say, I enjoyed 2014 Christmas at home.

Some of my best travel memories of Christmas are usually from London. That city just sparkles at Christmas. I love walking through the winter wonderland in Hyde park, eating rumballs, going on rides then wandering up to Oxford Street and admiring the windows at Selfridges. Night time is just wonderful with lights strung from all the rooftops. Who cares if it is a bit cold, just wear more clothes 🙂

christmas in london christmas in london  Christmas at home could not be any more different. In contrast it is sunny, humid and hot! We stuff our faces on potato salad and prawns before running into the ocean to cool down. But I love Australia and I love the heat so I fully embraced the rare opportunity to spend the day at home 🙂

To all the shift workers, hospitality workers and flight attendants who miss special days… this post is for you. Feel free to comment below xxx

Lots of love Sechy


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