Good Friday musings

Good Friday is here which means a day off. Although I have so much to catch up on with Uni assignments due, I thought i would spend some time updating my blog and touching base with you all. It has been a busy 6 months and in order to manage my time I have decided to blog less frequently than I used to. Once upon a time I published a new blog post every day. I do miss those days where I used to spend hours chatting to other bloggers online while stuck in hotels overseas unable to sleep because of my chronic jet lag. But so much has happened and changed so let me give you some updates…


For those of you who have followed my relentless travels, well, I have some big news…I have retired from being a flight attendant. It was a difficult decision as I loved the job so much, constantly travelling internationally for an iconic Australian airline and exploring new places but years of sleep deprivation was beginning to have an effect on my body so it was time to say au revoir to the crew life. I was travelling in and out of Australia on a weekly basis and it was so much fun. My Instagram account benefited big time, however, I really want to focus on finishing my degree this year and taking on some internships that will help me move in a new direction. The goal ? To make enough money to travel endlessly without having to be a sleep deprived, jet lagged hostie 🙂


As for blogging, after taking a step back to recuperate and relax I have decided to explore Pinterest a little bit more so if you are on Pinterest come over, say hi and share some of your favorite things about Pinterest as I am new to the platform. I must say though, It has been so much fun flicking through so many inspiring pictures 🙂


On a final note I want to give a big shout out to you guys for being friends and accompanying me on my blogging journey. We have had a lot of fun travelling the world, trying new things and playing dress ups together. May that never end!

Love Sechy



8 thoughts on “Good Friday musings

  1. Seriously love your whole blog outlook! Could not agree more! Love your blog and your story!

  2. Wow so many wonderful changes!!! I haven’t worked with Nuffnang but I do work with other platforms. It’s pretty much the law to disclose that it’s a sponsored post so you will be good to go there. I think as long as your opinions and voice stays true then other bloggers won’t have a problem with you getting a freebie. In fact, this is how I look at it. When I get something for free it give me the chance to possibly introduce something new to my readers so they benefit in the end as well!

    1. Thanks Caroline, that is some great advice. I think it’s the right thing to do to disclose freebies or payments to readers, it engenders trust however in Australia, it’s not illegal. It’s simply an ethical do or don’t and all the wonderful Australian super bloggers don’t disclose. In fact, one of them have advice in a blogging interview once that the best sponsored post is when you can’t tell it’s sponsored. Can you believe it? Money over ethics xoxox

      1. Really? That’s crazy. In the US/Canada we have to disclose. I think the law in Australia will change. I’m taking a blogging course now that’s based in AU and they are really big on disclosing and keeping it honest. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with writing sponsored posts about products that you believe in and I think your readers will be totally cool with it!

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