Brisbane women come in many forms. They could be stylish. They could be successful. They could be philanthropic. But on the rare occasion you meet a woman who is all these things and in those moments you must chase her down and have a conversation. Which is exactly what I did with the beautiful Beate de Camp.

beate de camp

Super friendly and approachable, Beate de Camp is one of Queensland’s leading stylists and runs her own successful styling agency Be Divine which incorporates fashion styling, personal shopping, styling production and interior styling. Aside from this fabulous work life, Beate also runs a charitable foundation called The Divine Foundation which hosts fashionable lunches to raise money for various health conditions. Could this woman be more fabulous? I asked Beate what inspired her to start her own foundation.

“I have been involved in charities through my styling agency Be Divine since I started 8 years ago so starting my own foundation was only a matter of time. It is a great feeling giving back and supporting charities through donations and events. The Divine Foundation is about hosting fashionable events in Brisbane that combines fashion and charity. It is about gathering friends, dressing up and having a good time while raising awareness for different health issues and donating money to individual charity foundations, ” she said.

This Thursday she will be hosting a fashionable lunch to raise money for Kiss Goodbye to MS which is a cause close to my own heart as my uncle and friend are affected by Multiple Sclerosis. The condition is so common that many of you will probably know of someone in your life who is affected by it, therefore raising money to aid research and to find a cure has never been more important. Beate said this event is just one little step towards raising awareness and funds for research to find a cure for MS.

“Most changes begin with small steps and support so far has been amazing. Gerards Bistro is the perfect location to host an event that combines fashion with charity and because of the generosity of the stores in James Street we have some amazing prizes to be won on the day” she said.

The journey to forming The Divine Foundation is a personal one for Beate whose dearest friend Angela has MS and who will also be sharing her remarkable story on the day. Fashionistas of Brisbane will gather at Gerard’s Bistro on 4 June to raise money for Kiss Goodbye to MS. The campaign is aiming to raise $1 million dollars for research into Multiple Sclerosis, the most common chronic neurological disease affecting young people today. Beate said the lunch will be a fun and fashionable way to come together, meet new people while raising awareness of MS.

 “This is a personal and special event for me and while organising it I learned that so many people have someone close to them who suffers MS yet we know so little about it. I believe that everyone can make a difference and whatever we can do, whether big or small, can help change someone’s life for the better.”

Tickets are only $75 so if you are in town on the day this would also be a great excuse to also try out Gerards Bistro. Head chef Ben Williamson featured on Master Chef Australia recently and has won awards and accolades for his amazing food…. and I will be there with my ticket in hand to chat to you too so make sure you come and say hi !!! There are also some amazing prizes up for grabs on the day from some very luxurious brands. Prizes have been donated from many of the stores in James St and range from make-overs to a Mercedes-Benz ride-on buggy for your kid!!! Yeah, that’s right, you heard me correctly!

I wouldn’t miss it for the world so if you are close by make sure you come down to Gerards Bistro, say hi and you will get the chance to meet some inspiring and wonderful people.

Tickets to the MS charity lunch, to be held at Gerards Bistro, Thursday 4 June, can be booked by contacting The Divine Foundation on 0433 808 840 or email She is really friendly and you can be assured your money is going to a good cause. If you are not local you can donate directly to Kiss Goodbye to MS. Even if it is only a couple of dollars, all those dollars add up and could make an enormous difference. Just think, if every Australian donated one dollar we could raise $23 million dollars!

Kiss Goodbye to MS is an initiative of MS Research Australia that’s calls upon people to raise funds for vital research into the cause and cure of MS. For more information about the Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign or to make a donation visit

P.S … this is NOT a sponsored post




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