Australian Winter Love

sechys diary winter fashion outfit love sweater jumper sechys diary winter fashion outfit love sweater jumper sechys diary sechys diary

This Winter is all about warm cuddly jumpers, vintage denim and ankle boots. Some days this week have been quite warm here in sunny Queensland so I’ve been getting around get around in shorts. I must admit, I am loving the weather lately. Not too hot and not too cold. Plus I’m getting lots of cuddles from Mr Winston who is a bit of a camera ham 🙂

What is your fashion staple?

love Sechy



8 thoughts on “Australian Winter Love

  1. I love your hair!!! I feel jealous 😦 Your style is very feminine and cute, I like it! Have a magnific day, hugs!

  2. I totally get what you mean by how the weather is. It’s not too cold or not too hot but it’s just one of those days where the weather is perfect and wishes that it’s always like that! haha. Here in California, our weather is pretty unpredictable so it’s hard to prepare an outfit for the next day :p . I love the cute LOVE sweater

    1. Thankyou!! Actually, California weather is a lot like the weather here where I am on the Gold Coast, although your winters are a lot cooler. I used to visit California regularly and had to take a variety of clothes because I could never tell what the weather would be like. I miss Cali, it’s been 8 months since I’ve been back. Xoxo

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