“To acquire knowledge one must study: but to acquire wisdom one must observe,” Marilyn vos Savant.

I love this quote because it gives me a justifiable cause to hang out at coffee shops people watching.

On a serious note, it is true don’t you think? By observing others we grow in wisdom, wisdom about human nature that can only serve to benefit us in all aspects of life.

The more wisdom and insight we have into human nature, the easier it is to get along with people as we can correctly gauge the subtle non verbal cues of others in our communication and actions towards them.

I think it also shows us what we do and don’t want to be. Looking from the outside in we see so much more than when on the inside. Watching how others behave and interact teaches us what works and what doesn’t.

The woman who gave us this quote, was given the highest IQ for women in the Guiness book of Records in 1985 so she may be worth listening too.

Though it is important to be knowledgable, it is more effective when coupled with wisdom…. So on that note, I will sit back with my cuppa and watch the world go by…

Love Sechy



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