Well, it HAS been a while. I have been busy, busy, busy! But it has been really pretty great for me lately and if you haven’t been following me on Twitter or Instagram, then let me fill you in.

p.s. Winston says hi

As you may or may not know I have been studying at Uni and in my final year, just three subjects to go after this semester…yipee! It has been a hard but rewarding slog; studying and working full time. Last year I retired from flying to focus my time and energy into my degree and degree related work and so far so good! I have also been writing for three magazines (seems three is my number). It has been the best experience and it is so rewarding and fullfilling to be published somewhere other than on my own blog 🙂

The HotelTonight party was the bomb!

So yes… as I said busy. However, it hasn’t been all work no play, I have been out and about attending a few local events and plenty of parties as well as trying some great new restaurants. It has been nice to step back and rediscover my home town after years of being up in the clouds.

trying loads of new bars, restaurants and cafes…yum!

I desperately miss travelling though and look forward to bringing you some great travel stories later this year as I am planning a fabulous trip!

hmmm. what to pack for my next adventure… ?

So for now, I must get back to my assignments, but thank you my fellow bloggers for helping break up my long days of reading news and writing. I love being entertained by your posts and definitely have needed the fashionable relief! Lately I have been browsing House of KTS, Style on the Side, A Darling Affair and Peachy Style among others because of their gorgeous curated images and witty commentary which inspire great things and make me smile 🙂

Swell sculpture festival

As for me, I am on Instagram and Twitter every moment of the day so come over and say hi 🙂 Until then …

Love Sechy


Trialling some BIG hair …as if I need any more!

All pics courtesy of moi Insta and Twitter..get on over and say hi 🙂 


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