5 reasons to buy that Louis Vuitton agenda

So in an effort to inspire myself to continue working my ass off into 2016 and beyond (ok ok… I am really procrastinating work by browsing online…busted!) I thought I would look into buying a beautiful agenda… a Β Louis Vuitton of course! But at around $750… I might have to wait a little longer…(insert sad face here). However, in saying that I think it would be a great investment and here is why:

  1. It is reusable and lasts forever because it is ‘LouisΒ tough’. (That is a new phrase I just invented πŸ™‚ )
  2. It is an investment. Buying crap agendas or organisers for around $40 a year for the rest of your life is not really saving money is it? And how uninspiring is it when they start curling in the corners, or when the pages break and they get dirty. We all know the answer… we stop using them.
  3. It is more ethical and much better for the environment. Seriously, think of how many millions of plastic diaries & agendas go into landfill each year, not to mention the labour conditions of the people making them & the pollution created manufacturing that plastic every year. With a Louis Vuitton agenda, just replace the paper inside…
  4. On that note, instead of filling it with the Louis Vuitton pages, you can fill it with Filofax pages which are equally awesome.
  5. Finally, and most importantly… It Β looks great and everytime you pull it out, you feel like a BOSS.
louis-vuitton-medium-ring-agenda-cover-monogram-canvas-small-leather-goods--R20105_PM2_Front view


What do you think?

Love Sechy



One thought on “5 reasons to buy that Louis Vuitton agenda

  1. Nap, not for me. Showing MontBlancs and Louis Vuittons at customer meetings makes people think I am paid too much and wonder what I do for them. Also accessories of any type must be bought as accessories, that means that I have bought the whole shop, and oops have some hundreds to kill, here you go, I buy an accessory. Otherwise, it looks like I drive a Porsche but only drive it when I get my salary so I can pay the gas. There are good leather agenda covers out there, and I own one of them for 3 years- but no way I will have a branded one. Just my two cents!

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