5 reasons to buy that Louis Vuitton agenda

So in an effort to inspire myself to continue working my ass off into 2016 and beyond (ok ok… I am really procrastinating work by browsing online…busted!) I thought I would look into buying a beautiful agenda… a  Louis Vuitton of course! But at around $750… I might have to wait a little longer…(insert sad face here). However, in saying that I think it would be a great investment and here is why:

  1. It is reusable and lasts forever because it is ‘Louis tough’. (That is a new phrase I just invented 🙂 )
  2. It is an investment. Buying crap agendas or organisers for around $40 a year for the rest of your life is not really saving money is it? And how uninspiring is it when they start curling in the corners, or when the pages break and they get dirty. We all know the answer… we stop using them.
  3. It is more ethical and much better for the environment. Seriously, think of how many millions of plastic diaries & agendas go into landfill each year, not to mention the labour conditions of the people making them & the pollution created manufacturing that plastic every year. With a Louis Vuitton agenda, just replace the paper inside…
  4. On that note, instead of filling it with the Louis Vuitton pages, you can fill it with Filofax pages which are equally awesome.
  5. Finally, and most importantly… It  looks great and everytime you pull it out, you feel like a BOSS.
louis-vuitton-medium-ring-agenda-cover-monogram-canvas-small-leather-goods--R20105_PM2_Front view


What do you think?

Love Sechy






Inspired by Valentines day, and all things romantic, I took my delivery of red roses from Fresh Flowers outdoors on a romantic picnic date with hubby. Consider Fresh Flowers for your Valentines day roses this year. They will have them made and delivered for you in the same day!

“…Come with me…”


Summer picnics with my man involve a casual approach; natural hair, natural makeup, large hat, a big picnic rug (but not too big – keep it cosy lovers 😉 ) and an old picnic basket loaded up with wine and cheese.

“…these beautiful roses are so big I think I need a hand lifting them.. “

On this day I wore a cream vintage dress I thrifted from The Buffalo Exchange in LA. One of the best ways to live sustainably and reduce waste is to buy vintage or pre loved and I intend on making much more concious decisions on my consumption this year. I adore this dress. It has some delicate embroidery and sheer panels that I think are perfect for a summer romance.

To accessorise the outfit I took a necklace I had been wearing alot lately and wrapped it around my wrist.
“Oh well hello there!” 🙂

Nothing beats an outdoor date when the weather is as outstanding as it has been lately. Especially wrapped up in your loved ones arms. But you know what, even if you are a single gal take that pretty dress and buy yourself some flowers, just because. I was single for 10 years and I pampered myself with alot  of flowers, wine & special dinners!

What ideas do you have for Valentines day? Am I tooooo much of a romantic thinking about it already? Well, yeah, you got me there 🙂

Love Sechy



A rosy delivery

Hi there beauties

Date night outfit

I am sure it has been a busy few weeks for everyone. The kids are all in town on holidays, pressies need to be bought and wrapped, families to entertain and we all still have to work! So when Anniversaries, Valentines day or date night comes around we all hope we get spoiled a little.

Roses by http://www.freshflowers.com.au

When I know date night is coming up I get so excited & plan everything; what I am going to wear etc etc. I am sure most women are the same. We secretly can’t wait…”dinner and a movie…woot woot… I can wear those heels that I bought ….”. So guys … if you are reading this; know that your girl / wife is secretly hoping you would also make a big deal about movie night too. So put on something nice, make her feel extra loved & have fresh flowers sent to her door & If you can have them delivered before you pick her up for your date, even better! Your point score will go through the roof!

On recieving this beautiful arrangement of massive red roses from http://www.freshflowers.com.au my heart skipped a beat!

I decided to take my style cue from the roses and upped the ante with a little black dress and some red lippy. The dress I am proud to say was thrifted. It is very short however the high neckline balances it out and the subtle mesh waist hints at the current sexy cropped trend without being too innapropriate, perfect for a first date when you want to keep it subtle. Guys always say they don’t like too much makeup so keep it simple & just play up the one feature. I pulled my hair to the side to expose my neck & styled the dress with some vintage earrings and red lippy. At the moment I am loving a Laura Mercier lippy. It doesn’t end up all over my face & keeps its colour for ages 🙂

Vintage earrings
Laura Mercier lipstick

If you have a special occasion or need a last minute flower arrangement consider www.FreshFlowers.com.au for Valentines day flowers.

If you need them now or you have a sudden occasion that has just sprung up; they will hand make and hand deliver in Australia the SAME day if you order by 1pm! Cool huh? They also offer a reminder service so you can book in advance, which is a good idea for Valentines day & Anniversaries. I have to admit these roses are some of the most beautiful, quality roses I have ever recieved so I am going to take some more photos with them 🙂

What is your favourite flower? Im a classic girl…I love roses.