5 reasons to buy that Louis Vuitton agenda

So in an effort to inspire myself to continue working my ass off into 2016 and beyond (ok ok… I am really procrastinating work by browsing online…busted!) I thought I would look into buying a beautiful agenda… a  Louis Vuitton of course! But at around $750… I might have to wait a little longer…(insert sad face here). However, in saying that I think it would be a great investment and here is why:

  1. It is reusable and lasts forever because it is ‘Louis tough’. (That is a new phrase I just invented 🙂 )
  2. It is an investment. Buying crap agendas or organisers for around $40 a year for the rest of your life is not really saving money is it? And how uninspiring is it when they start curling in the corners, or when the pages break and they get dirty. We all know the answer… we stop using them.
  3. It is more ethical and much better for the environment. Seriously, think of how many millions of plastic diaries & agendas go into landfill each year, not to mention the labour conditions of the people making them & the pollution created manufacturing that plastic every year. With a Louis Vuitton agenda, just replace the paper inside…
  4. On that note, instead of filling it with the Louis Vuitton pages, you can fill it with Filofax pages which are equally awesome.
  5. Finally, and most importantly… It  looks great and everytime you pull it out, you feel like a BOSS.
louis-vuitton-medium-ring-agenda-cover-monogram-canvas-small-leather-goods--R20105_PM2_Front view


What do you think?

Love Sechy



Shooting for the stardust

Shooting for the stardust

Mick Rock : Shooting for the Stardust, The Rise of David Bowie & Co.

While in Los Angeles I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to see Mick Rock’s photo exhibition at Taschen’s on Beverly Boulevard.

The exhibition consisted of formal shots as well as intimate back stage and on the road  photos. I love Bowie and it was so cool to get a peek behind the scenes.

Mick Rock, who is often dubbed “The man who shot the 1970’s,” also photographed Pink Floyd, Lou Reed, Queen, Iggy Pop, The Ramones, Blondie and well… the list goes on.

While at the Taschen I also was able to look at many of their other original works and I just wished I had one of their amazing coffee table books in my suitcase… Next time.



Silverlake to Santa Monica to Venice

Silverlake to Santa Monica to Venice


A cactus situation…
Cafecito Organico

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Sechys diary Santa monica la travel blogger bikes cruisers california style beach
Grab a bike and cruise along Santa Monica


sechys diary travel blog blogger style santa monica acai bowl cafe venice beach street art california
The yummiest Acai bowl I’ve ever had was in Santa Monica

sechys diary travel blog blogger style santa monica pier retro beach street art california

sechys diary travel blog blogger style santa monica pier route 66 beach street art california

sechys diary travel blog blogger style venice canals beach street art california
Venice Canals
sechys diary travel blog blogger style venice beach street art california
Venice Beach

sechys diary travel blog blogger style venice beach street art california

We spent ages watching the skaters…captivated

From Silverlake to Santa Monica to Venice…

My day began with a wake up coffee at Cafecito Organico in Silverlake, Los Angeles. I have always been a fan of Cafecito Organico. The coffee is brilliant and the cafe always has a relaxed, arty vibe that I crave. It is the best place for people watching and feels like a locals hang out which is what I seek.

The drive from Downtown LA to Santa Monica is actally quite hectic; the roads are really crowded so even though the distance is short, time may not be on your side. Once in Santa Monica I recommend wandering down Montana Avenue home to many cute boutiques (and the yummiest Acai Bowl I have ever had), then head to the pier. The Santa Monica Pier has a cool, retro vibe but is extremely touristy. Back from the beach Santa Monica also has heaps of cool shops, restaurants and bars that you can stop at on your way down the coast towards Venice.

I had always wanted to visit the Venice Canals; they look beautiful and romantic in the movies so we prepped the camera, found an awesome carpark and eagerly headed towards the canals. As we climbed a quaint bridge we stood over a green -or was it brown- slimy canal. California’s drought shows remarkably when you are standing over the Venice Canals.

Next we headed out to Venice Beach for a little people watching. It was getting late by the time we got there, about 5pm so most of the shops were closing. We headed down to the skate ramp on the beach and relaxed for a good 45 mins while being mesmerised by the skaters before a short stroll down the boardwalk.

What struck me most about Venice Beach was the large number of homeless everywhere…and I mean everywhere. It is shocking to me that a rich, western country such as the United States of America can tolerate such poverty. What is more shocking to me is that hundreds of homeless people can exsist in such a busy tourist area…don’t people stop and ask what the government is doing to help these people? Are people just turning a blind eye to this issue? Because when you look at pics of Venice, you rarely see a park lined with tents pitched by the desperate and destitute. Where is the government support? This was an issue that was repeatedly brought to my attention as I drove around LA, it really is truly shocking. I was asked for money everyday. I even had one desperate woman knocking on my window at the gas station asking for money. The only other place that has happened to me is in India…honestly, some corners of Los Angeles are reminiscent of a third world country.

Despite all this, I love LA and always look forward to visiting. It has got this cool, alternative and relaxed vibe along with great food and great fun but it would be rude to ignore the issue of homelessness and reflect on how blessed and fortunate I am to live the life I do.

Do you live in LA?

Be blessed,