Ethical Brands Australia – Listings

Ethical brands listings…

The following businesses are accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia for their Australian-made textile, clothing and footwear products only, as of 22 November 2013.

My goal this year is to endeavour to publicise & talk about ethical companies but as for now, please click on the company name to read the brands Ethical Clothing Australia profile.


3 thoughts on “Ethical Brands Australia – Listings

  1. My 2014 NY’s resolution was to live with more of an ethical conscience in my consumption. This list is golden (i stole it and added it to an excel file i keep on my phone 🙂 Thanks Sechy!

    1. That’s awesome! There are some great overseas brands such as American Apparel & lots of other smaller brands that aren’t mentioned. I plan to expand on this list a little bit more and include some handmade local favorites too, not just the big businesses 🙂

      At first I thought my news years resolution was going to be a challenge but it’s looking easier as I am gaining more information on different brands.

      Thanks for popping by and I am glad I’ve been able to be of service 😀

      Sechy xoxo

  2. I really like that you are creating awareness of this issue, and spreading the knowledge. Perhaps it is also useful to know what brands are particularly abhorent in their ethics, and thus we can avoid the worst offenders.

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