Ethical clothing organisations

Ethical clothing organisations.

There are many organisations, trade unions and community groups working towards a more ethical clothing industry. Here is just a few:

Textile, Clothing & Footwear Union of Australia (TCFUA)
The TCFUA represent workers in the Textile, Clothing & Footwear (TCF) industry in Australia and campaign for their rights and decent working conditions.

Oxfam Australia
International development organisation that advocates and takes action for workers’ rights in developing countries.

Network of community organisations and activists that are working to end the exploitation of workers in the garment industry in Australia.

Fair Trade Australia
Fairtrade Australia work in partnership with farmers and producers in developing countries to provide fairer prices, better terms of trade and additional funds for business and community development to improve working conditions and enhanced investment in quality.

The Ethical Consumer Group
Community based non-profit organisation and network that educates and empowers people about making sustainable purchasing practices when shopping. They also publish the Shop Ethical! App that now includes clothing.

Online newsletter that features information on safe, fair and sustainable consumer choices.

Undress Runways
They promote an ethical and sustainable fashion industry via runway shows.

The Clothing Exchange Australia
A national clothes swapping initiative

Clean Cut Fashion
This Australian collective of sustainable fashion advocates provides online resources, events and industry consultations to support designers and labels as they make choices toward fashion that is truly fair.

Peppermint Magazine
Eco and ethical fashion magazine

Clean Clothes Campaign
A global alliance of labour unions and non-governmental organisations working to improve conditions in the garment industry based in the Netherlands.

The Ethical Fashion Forum
A UK based network focusing on social and environmental sustainability in the fashion industry.



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